Carrot Cake Cupcakes w. Cream Cheese Frosting

In April I posted a recipe I had found in my Amish cookbook for a Carrot CakeĀ  that for me turned out well, if a tiny bit dry. With the Mr birthday coming up soon I asked him what he wanted for his cake. He said it was either a carrot cake or a spice cake. Since I’ve never made a spiced cake before (we don’t have them in Aus) I decided to find another carrot cake recipe. Continue reading


Skinny Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

Yesterday was an all out baking day. Which isn’t all that different to a lot of my days, since I bake pretty much all the time. Once again I found a great recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction. It’s another skinny, healthy muffin recipe this time using strawberries, and mini chocolate chips of course. Continue reading

Skinny Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

I’ve been waiting a while to make this recipe. I really wanted to wait till my mini light studio arrived so that once I had made the muffins I could take some nice photo’s of them. I’m glad I did wait as I did get some nice pictures. They aren’t all that exciting as I don’t have staging items just yet, but for quality (especially lighting) they turned out great. Continue reading

Polish Me Colourful

The sister in law decided that she wanted a sundae from Sonic at about 9pm last night and since the mother in law was going with her I decided it would be nice to get out of the house for a few hours, plus I really wanted to head to Walmart to grab a few more nail polishes. I’ve been slowly collecting more and more and have been re-painting my nails in different colours every couple of days. Since I have a lot more time on my hands I use it to do my nails, not productive but it’s pretty! Continue reading

2lbs of Beeswax reformed

A shipment of beeswax arrived through the USPS yesterday, 2 lbs of it. Of course since it arrived in 6x6x1 inch block I had to melt it down and than pour it into a Wiltons chocolate mold. I created a whole heap of 1 oz. little beeswax blocks out of it and I got to test my Presto Kitchen Kettle and the enamel tea pot I bought a few weeks back. Continue reading

Boredom breeds creativeness

I’ve come to the conclusion that my hobbies are a way for me to escape the very boring and mundane life I seem to be leading these days. It’s not a horrible existence by any means, just very boring in the sense that I’m usually at home by myself most days with nothing but watching TV and reading books to entertain myself. Continue reading