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project_trackerProject Tracker – For those cross stitches out there who find they can’t seem to keep track of all the projects they have on the go I present the “Project Tracker”. I myself have many projects waiting to be stitched, and sometimes I have no idea which supplies I have and which I have yet to purchase. I created this tracker for just that, keeping track of everything. Some people have apps I prefer hard copy. I posted pictures on the FB cross stitch group I’m apart of and had a huge interest in purchasing this document. Since it didn’t take long to create and I didn’t see the need to make people pay, I made it free. For all!

Note: When printing make sure to select ‘shrink to fit’ and ‘auto-rotate and correct’ to make sure the information doesn’t get cropped off. I also print page 1 and 2 back to back so that it all ends up on one page, than I laminate so I can use Sharpie pens to write all the information I need. Acetone and a tissue to remove the marker makes it reusable. Enjoy!

Project Tracker PG-1

Project Tracker PG-2


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