SensatioNail Fuse Gelnamel Kit

Since I’m not working right now I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. I tend to get quite bored as the week drags on and I’ve exhausted all my avenues of entertainment. What do I do when I get this bored? I do my nails. It takes time, patience and attention to detail. I can spend half the morning (or night as of late) just doing nails on both my hands and feet. I change the colour of my nails a lot, sometimes it’s because I get bored with the colour, but most of the time it’s because the polish has started to chip. I hate leaving chipped uneven polish on display. Continue reading


DIY Book Cloth Tutorial



Usually my post’s consist of my thoughts on a subject, showing off new things I’ve bought, recipes I’ve tried and liked or hobby items I’ve created and just can’t wait to share with people. This post will be a little different. It’s going to be a tutorial, one of my very first tutorials. Yes, that’s right I’m giving all you lovely people my Tutorial Cherry. I can already hear the people screaming in the streets “Oh god no! Everybody run, save yourselves!” Continue reading

My KitchenAid Adventure

Baking and especially cooking has never come easy to me. When I was younger (high school and the like) the only way I would bake something was if it came from a box and I just had to mix and pour. I know blasphemy right? All I can say in my defense if that I was young and didn’t know any better. Plus, everytime I tried to make anything from scratch it either didn’t turn out correctly or I burnt it beyond edibility. Fortunately the older I got and the more I researched what I was doing the more I fell in love with baking and cooking and the better I got at it. Yes the old adage “practice makes perfect” is true. Continue reading

Sewing Box – Item I

The Mr and I went shopping the other week, which isn’t unusually for us since we’re both crafty and on his days off we like to stock up on supplies. This shopping trip was no different. We headed out to Michaels and stocked up on a lot of the items we usually run out of or we use regularly. It was also a great day for SALES! They were all over the store and we spent just a tad too much because we kept picking things up and going ‘wow, it’s 50% off! lets get it!’. Continue reading

Waldorf Doll – Part I (cont.)

When it comes to starting a new hobby I always find that if I don’t pull it off perfectly the very first time my motivation to keep doing said hobby dwindles and then sputters out. It was no different with my Waldorf doll project. I decided last night, as I was making dinner, that I was going to at least get the inner head of my doll done and ready to be covered in doll skin. Sometimes watching youtube video’s on how to do things isn’t always a good thing. It always looks so much easier than it really is. Continue reading

Waldor Doll – Part I

I woke up this morning around midday, which isn’t all that unusual for me since I moved to the US, and started my day like any other. Bathroom, cleansing and moisturizing my face, vitamins, and breakfast. This difference this morning was that I went ahead and made the Mr. lunch for work so he didn’t have to AND there was a package waiting on the dining room table for me! Continue reading