My KitchenAid Adventure

Baking and especially cooking has never come easy to me. When I was younger (high school and the like) the only way I would bake something was if it came from a box and I just had to mix and pour. I know blasphemy right? All I can say in my defense if that I was young and didn’t know any better. Plus, everytime I tried to make anything from scratch it either didn’t turn out correctly or I burnt it beyond edibility. Fortunately the older I got and the more I researched what I was doing the more I fell in love with baking and cooking and the better I got at it. Yes the old adage “practice makes perfect” is true.

I’m not afraid to admit that I was a terrible cook when I was younger. Whenever I made a dinner or a dessert for my younger brothers I’d happily give ‘em a little nudge and say “remember when I burnt that dinner in the microwave? Look at me now!” It’d usually be met with a snort and a vigorous nod of their heads. There usually isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not on google or pinterest looking for recipes to try. I love to bake and I love to try new dinner and breakfast recipes for the Mr. It makes me feel good, and more like the housewives of the fifties.

Because of my love of baking I had always dreamed of owning my very own KitchenAid Stand Mixer. It’s the Cadillac of mixers and every baker should aspire to own one. The only problem with this, especially in Australia, is the price tag. I’m not kidding a standard tilt-head mixer will probably cost just shy of $1000. That’s not even the fancy metallic schmick-looking machines they have available now. Everything in the land down under is uber expensive, to match the high wages we receive. Unfortunately this means we’re paying more for products than other countries, even though the products are exactly the same. My dream of a kitchenaid was doomed to never come true.

That was until I met my American husband. I won’t lie, I married him for the cheap kitchen appliances his country has ^.^ So I waited and hoped that once I arrived in the US and was settled I’d be able to buy my precious (at the time crimson red) stand mixer. My hopes were realized in a manner of speaking even before I got to the US. The husbands Aunt had a bowl-tilt mixer that she had never used and didn’t really want. Luckily for me she offered it to my mother-in-law who already had a mixer. She accepted the mixer anyway and gave it to me! I got a brand new mixer for FREE. I love that word, totally not a four letter word in my dictionary.

I’ve given it a good old using in the 12 months that I’ve lived here and even taught my mother-in-law a few tricks to use with hers. It’s a great, heavy duty machine that I couldn’t imagine living without. The only problem with my machine is that around the beauty-band and the name plate grease has started to leak out. Not in horrible torrents or anything, I’ve just noticed a splotch here and there. I also hate the colour of the machine.

Yep plain-Jane white. I had planned on getting a really pretty red to match all the bakeware and cookware I was planning on getting. That was until my dear Mother decided she wanted to decorate her own kitchen in the same fashion. Even going so far as to buy it in my favourite bakeware brand. I still don’t think I’m over that little betrayal. I do have to give my Mother a little bit of thanks though. If she hadn’t blatantly stolen my style design I wouldn’t have had to rethink and eventually find my new design. Which to be honest suits me and my personality so much better than the red design.

Alas even though I have a new beautiful ‘fifties housewife’ kitchen design my mixer is still that pitiful white. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had two choices, live with the hated white mixer or buy a new one in the colour I adore. Neither option really sat well with me. Spending money buying a machine I already had, and hadn’t spent a penny on, wasn’t really an option at all. It looked like my decision had been made for me, live with the horrendous white KitchenAid and learn to love it.

That was until my husband and I went shopping in Target a few nights ago. They had a whole range of KitchenAid products displayed in their appliance department. They had a stand mixer, hand mixer, bar mixer and the food processor. All in turquoise. I just about died and went to heaven. My machine in my colour! I actually hugged the mixer … in the middle of Target. Yep, my husband married a weirdo. Once I’d had my love fest with the turquoise mixer the husband promptly mentioned that with a little research he might be able to find a way to custom paint the machine I already had.

I think I fell in love with him all over again.

But there was no way I was letting him research it. He works over forty hours a week and prepares for the steampunk convention Emerald City in his free time. I was not waiting around for him. That night I came home and research the crap out of custom painting. And I also searched on reasons why my machine is leaking grease. Both searches yielded great results. I found a tutorial on how to replace the grease in my machine (it seems my oil has been sitting in the machine for too long and is starting to separate, hence the leaking). Basically my machine needs an oil change. And I also found out what kind of spray paint to use on my machine. It’s not going to be an exact match to the colour in Target, but it’ll close enough.

I really cannot wait to get going on my maintenance and painting of my KitchenAid machine. I will be posting before and after pictures and maybe a tutorial on how I did the custom paint job. Stay tuned for more on my KitchenAid adventure. If any of you are having the same grease problem with your machine comment and tell us your story! I’d also love to hear stories about custom painting people have done, how they learnt to do it, and if other problems with their machines were similar to mine. Comments are love people!

Stay inspired,



2 thoughts on “My KitchenAid Adventure

  1. Well my darling Daughter, first sorry for stealing your red theme , but it sounds like you have settled on a very lovely colour anyway, so glad to hear that you are doing something about your oil problem, hope you can paint your aid with ease, love you darling girl xxoo

    1. I nearly fell off the bed when I realized it was my mother commenting to my blog post ^.^ hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have pictures of my pretty new machine. I’ll still have red in the kitchen but it’ll be that really nice pastel red along with a whole bunch of other colours like green, blue, pink and yellow.

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