Sewing Box – Item I

The Mr and I went shopping the other week, which isn’t unusually for us since we’re both crafty and on his days off we like to stock up on supplies. This shopping trip was no different. We headed out to Michaels and stocked up on a lot of the items we usually run out of or we use regularly. It was also a great day for SALES! They were all over the store and we spent just a tad too much because we kept picking things up and going ‘wow, it’s 50% off! lets get it!’. This of course added up very quickly. A lot of the stuff we really didn’t need to buy but there were still a few items I’m glad we purchased as I know we never would have bought them at their regular price. One of those items were these two gorgeous wooden storage boxes. One was rectangle with rounded edges, kind of like an old fashioned suitcase, with faux aged leather and brass handles. The other one was much smaller and square with a much more intricate handle, but also with some faux aged leather. This is the one I chose and I’m currently using it for my sewing paraphernalia. It’s small enough that I can use it as a travel case as well so that when I go to the steampunk conventions we frequent and my costume might rip or tear (or just fall apart) I can quickly and easily fix it. Yay for preparedness!

Since the box is the first thing I had purchased for my sewing kit, I’m slowly adding bits and pieces to it. The Mr is going to help me attached pieces of matching eleastic to the inside lid and four walls so that I can have all my little bits neatly tucked away (thread bobbins, scissors, air drying ink pen, seam ripper, measuring tape, etc etc). I’m also making a few things to go in it. A needle book to store all the needles I use for embroidery, doll making and my cross stitching and a cute little pin cushion that has been made out of 2×3-in picture frame I picked up from Hobby Lobby.

I had planned on getting just a basic wooden frame that I could paint myself. Unfortunately I completely forget with everything else I was doing today to look for one. Since one of the stops I was making was Hobby Lobby I had a look in their frame department and they were having a 50% off marked price sale on frames. I found this little gem by complete accident and I think it suits my tastes better. The material I used is from the stash I purchased months and months ago and will correspond with the cover of my needle book so they match nicely. I just used the bio wool batting I bought for my Waldorf doll to stuff the material through the frame and than I connected the making piece back in place. I’ll be gluing the fabric down to the backing piece as well. I think it turned out rather nicely.

Once the binding foot I bought on Amazon the other day arrives (hopefully next Wednesday) I will be able to put the needle book together and get some pictures up.

Stay inspired,



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