Waldorf Doll – Part I (cont.)

When it comes to starting a new hobby I always find that if I don’t pull it off perfectly the very first time my motivation to keep doing said hobby dwindles and then sputters out. It was no different with my Waldorf doll project. I decided last night, as I was making dinner, that I was going to at least get the inner head of my doll done and ready to be covered in doll skin. Sometimes watching youtube video’s on how to do things isn’t always a good thing. It always looks so much easier than it really is.

Getting the stuff to make a perfect ball and to fit inside the cotton netting without warping was a nightmare and then I had string it properly to form the proper head shape for the doll. This took me a good two hours to get it to the point that I actually liked it. My first attempt was shocking and way too small for the doll I was creating. The second one was only slightly bigger but was going to have to do as I was sick of rolling and then rerolling the batting. My hands were starting to ache and I hadn’t even strung the head or sewn the nose on. Even once the head was done to the stage I could handle I wasn’t too happy. I was even tempted to stop and leave the doll making for a while.

After sleeping on it though I changed my mind and forced myself to keep going, to finish the doll no matter how badly it turned out. At least I could say I gave it a go. I was planning on doing more work on my little doll today, but right before the Mr went to work we realized that the front drivers tire was in a dire need of replacement. We’d replaced the back tires a few weeks ago and had planned on doing the front two in a few weeks but after driving it yesterday it was apparent they weren’t going to wait. So after dropping him off at work I got the front two replaced and spent the day with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. By the time we got home it was just too late to do anything. Plus it was one horrendously hot day so I was tired and just wanted to veg for the afternoon.

Inspiration hit when I was watching the Dominion episodes I had recorded. I printed off a newly scaled down pattern for my doll body. Now it looks like the doll I was hoping for, just much smaller. So tomorrow I think I’ll be starting to piece together the doll skin. Woo! My inner head is actually not too bad. It’s quite small, with a wee little nose, but it’s the shape I was trying for. I also bought a cute little box from Michaels yesterday and it’s perfect to keep all my sewing stuff in. It’s small enough that I can travel with it when I go to the Steampunk conventions the Mr has gotten me into. The next project I will be doing is making a needle booklet for the box.

Stay inspired,



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