Polish Me Colourful

The sister in law decided that she wanted a sundae from Sonic at about 9pm last night and since the mother in law was going with her I decided it would be nice to get out of the house for a few hours, plus I really wanted to head to Walmart to grab a few more nail polishes. I’ve been slowly collecting more and more and have been re-painting my nails in different colours every couple of days. Since I have a lot more time on my hands I use it to do my nails, not productive but it’s pretty!

I actually bought a lot more nail polish than I had intended. I’ve been getting a lot of Maybelline’s Colour Show polishes and combining the colours with their glitter counterparts. I purchased a gold hue first, and liking it so much I bought a aqua blue hue and then went back for the pink hue last night. Of course I found I whole heap of other polishes I just HAD to have. So I went ahead this morning and did some testing with my new table top light box that I purchased on Amazon the other day.


This gradation polishes I got are actually from a pack, which from what I can tell has three colours so far. It’s from the brand Kiss and is called Gradation Polishes. This pack is Film Noir [58085] and is a lovely gray set. I haven’t seen it anywhere except Walmart, but I’m sure it’s sold somewhere else. I also have a pink set as well called Frozen Frame [58367]. It’s a great polish set for someone who has never tried the Ombre look. Super simple and super effective.

I already have a lovely crimson-candy red that has a slightly glitter to it, but decided I wanted some more red. This was actually something I hadn’t intended on getting. We were about to leave the cosmetics isle when the MIL stopped and looked at an end display of polishes and I saw the red and had to get them. The brand is Sinful Colors Professional and the colour is Sugar Sugar [839]. The full red does have a glitter in itself, but I wanted to add another BIGGER glitter to it so I got Decadent [1381]. I have yet to try this brand, even though I have another polish in my set from them, Cold Leather [1324].

If you looked in the huge cosmetics case I have (think the ones they use on CSI ^.^) you will soon realize that my favourite nail polish is from Maybelline. I have twice as many from this brand than I do from any other one. I started out with only two, Deep in Violet [185] and Home Sweet Chrome [365], which I fell in love with. Whenever I buy polish for the firs time I always get a dark purple and a dark gray or black. Those are my go to colours. The next three Maybelline polishes I purchased were all in the same hue range. This was the first time I got a base colour and a glitter colour for the tips, Bold Gold [45] and Gilded Rose [305]. I also got another close colour, Dust of Bronze [041], but I have yet to use it. Since I liked the colour block+glitter look I went ahead and purchased Shocking Seas [370] and Emerald City [255] on my next trip. This is where I realized almost all of the glitters were followed by their matching colour block counterparts. Usually. Once I realized this I purchased the above colour Better in Buff [031] to use with my Gilded Rose glitter colour as that’s the colour that came after it. And I also got the pick I had originally gone to Walmart to buy, Punk Rock Pink [91] and it’s colour block Hibiscus Haven [101]. I don’t really know if this is the way Maybelline have really done it, but hey by using this theory I’ve been getting really lovely colour/glitter combinations. So I’m sticky with it. I also bought a basic clear glitter for an all-purpose one, Diamond in the Rough [285].  I have yet to find a glitter to match my Deep in Violet colour from Maybelline.

I did find a few purple glitters in other brands though. I have yet to test these ones but at least I have for when I paint my nails purple again. The back glitter is Sally Hansen, which is the brand I use for my nail strengthener, cuticle remover and cuticle oil. The glitter is called Grape Shifter [423]. The front glitter is Heart 2 (I think, it’s really, really hard to read the brand name) Over the Rainbow [33027]. A brand I’ve never heard of and never used, so I’ll have to see how it goes.

Phew! that’s a lot of polishes! And just wait, I’ll probably buy even more next week. Since I don’t have acrylics on my nails anymore I have to make sure they’re always covered in colour. I hate bare nails, they’re just so boring.

Stay inspired,



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