2lbs of Beeswax reformed

A shipment of beeswax arrived through the USPS yesterday, 2 lbs of it. Of course since it arrived in 6x6x1 inch block I had to melt it down and than pour it into a Wiltons chocolate mold. I created a whole heap of 1 oz. little beeswax blocks out of it and I got to test my Presto Kitchen Kettle and the enamel tea pot I bought a few weeks back.

Both worked out wonderfully! The Presto melted the beeswax block down within a matter of minutes, which in my opinion was totally worth the money I spent on it. Plus it was easy to pour the hot wax into the little tea pot so that I could pour it easily into the silicon mold. I’ll never be able to use the mold for chocolates anymore, but it wasn’t too expensive so I can get another one for my chocolates.

It didn’t take too long for the beeswax to set up enough that I could de-mold them. They’re still slightly soft but they’re slowly cooling down and becoming harder once more. Hopefully the second package I bought on Amazon at the start of the week will arrive tomorrow so that I can start practicing my lip balms. I’m really happy with how everything is turning out so far.

Stay inspired,



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