Boredom breeds creativeness

I’ve come to the conclusion that my hobbies are a way for me to escape the very boring and mundane life I seem to be leading these days. It’s not a horrible existence by any means, just very boring in the sense that I’m usually at home by myself most days with nothing but watching TV and reading books to entertain myself.

The Mr works six days a week and since he does second shift he sleeps in until a few hours before he leaves for work and arrives home long after I’m ready to head to bed. We have lunch and dinner together, but unless it’s his day off we don’t really spend a whole lot of time together. Which isn’t great for newlyweds, but hey we need income and the work he’s doing was all that was going. But I have to say his new job is putting him in a much better mood than his previous job, and the money is a lot better so I’m not complaining. I’m just BORED!

Hence the need for an abundance of hobbies. Plus I haven’t gotten my online business off the ground yet so everything I create via my hobbies isn’t really going anywhere, which kind of stifles my creativeness as I haven’t got room to house everything I make. I go from one hobby to the next and than back again. There are a few hobbies I generally go back and forth from, my candles being the one I do a lot more than anything else. Now that the birthdays in my family have started to slow down I haven’t been doing much with my card making and because the Mr’s birthday is slowly crawling closer I’ve been doing a lot of shopping on Amazon. Which in itself isn’t all that bad but I’m able to get a lot of my cosmetics and soap making supplies cheap on there.

Because of this the Mr has nudged me into creating some products to sell at the many steampunk events he frequents. I have to say it’s not a bade idea, especially since there is a huge amount of steampunk in Kansas. So with all the free time I’ve accumulated I decided to delve back into my soap making and have had to research it all over again to remember all the information I had gained before moving to the US. Most of it I remember as soon as I read over the websites I used to frequent but I’ve also had to find more recipes since all my soap making stuff is back in Australia.

The first thing I plan on experimenting with is making shaving soap for men. I plan on buying the Mr a safety razor kit with soap dish and brush. Which means he’ll need soap to go with it, and of course the reason I’m buying this for him is loves anything Victorian … and of course anything Victorian is easily steampunk so therefor I can try and sell it to his steampunk friends and visitors to the events. And from there I’ve been contemplating other things to make for males. Two things I’ve come up with are mustache wax, the Mr is never without his beard and mustache, and after shave.

The wax and after shave are going to be the easiest and quickest things for me to play around with as I have most of the ingredients for them. Unfortunately the soap will take longer because of all the equipment I need to buy. It’s more safety equipment than anything since I do cold process, which uses lye. So I have to buy rubber gloves, eye protection and the most important a filtration gas mask. Very stylish and sexy but a big must for any soap maker. Plus I’ll have to do most of this stuff outside since this house has no ventilation whatsoever and you really need it for soap making. Time and money will tell whether I’m able to bring my soap making back into rotation again anytime soon.

Stay inspired,



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