Family Recipe Book

It’s only taken 12 months but I have finally finished my customized cookbook. It’s nothing spectacular or all that hard, it’s just a simple collection of my favourite recipes that I can continue to add to whenever I feel like it. I found a tutorial on how to do it on pinterest a while back, when I was still in Australia, and it’s taken me this long to get all the items I have needed for it.

Here is where I found the tutorial. The end result is pretty similar to what Kim does, but after I had finished my own one I decided there were a few things that I would change about it. Namely I will be removing the table of contents page as eventually I will have so many recipes that I will be separating the categories into folders of their own and that’s how I’ll be dividing them, by colour of the album. At the moment everything is one folder. But soon I’ll get more in an array of colours to match the pattern paper so I don’t have to find the exact pattern I used over and over. Which I know for a fact will drive me crazy.

So far I’ve only got desserts, a couple of mains, and some sauces. At the back of the album I’ve placed a section of lined paper for notes for recipes and things I’ve seen online or TV. Behind that stack of lined paper is a single plastic pocket that holds printed recipes I have yet to try, but want to. Once I’ve tried them I’ll be typing them into the recipe template, printing and adding to the album. This is what all of the recipe books will look like, but instead of different coloured pages it section will have its own colour, depending on the album colour.

Stay inspired,


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