Online orders and the joy they bring ^.^

Today I didn’t do any baking. Shocking I know, but I knew I was going out with the Mother-In-Law to get some supplies so I didn’t plan to bake as well. I do have two recipes I want to try out, but not today. So today was a day of relaxing and then doing a bit of shopping. As long as it’s not clothes shopping I’m an okay shopper. I don’t last too long, as I prefer to get in, get what I plan on  and then get out. I think it has more to do with the fact I don’t like crowds, even small crowds. People just seem to get in my way. It’s probably one of the reasons I enjoy online shopping, no people to bother me ^.^

Speaking of online shopping, one of my items that I bought arrived today. I’ve been waiting for it for a little while and I’m so excited to finally have it here. Since I’m slowly getting back into my candle making (and because I have a small amount of beeswax) I bought some equipment for making my lip balm. I bought some clear .15-oz. tubes and a lip balm tube tray from Brambleberry and they’ve finally arrived! I’ve been looking forward to this since before I left Australia and moved to the US. I just haven’t had the money or the inclination to actually purchase them. Now that the Mr is working more and earning more money I could finally purchase them. I love making lip balms and hand lotions and the like so it’s going to be so much fun to get back into making them.

The lip balm tray looks odd, but it’s going to make pouring and producing evenly filled and neatly topped lip balms so much easier. I’m all about making my products nice to look at so nicely filled tubes will be so nice. I have about 50 tubes so far, that’s how much the tray itself holds, but eventually I’ll be buying more depending on how popular they are. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to go completely natural like I am with my candles and just using the oils and butters that go into it to scent it OR if I’m going to use essential oils to scent them. Since the lip balms won’t be burned like candles there’s no chance of the fragrances becoming carcinogenic. If I do scents I will need to make sure that they’re formulated for bath and body products so they aren’t toxic when ingested. The little gray spatula in the first picture I actually purchased from Walmart. Brambleberry did have them, but I decided it would be cheaper to just get them from somewhere local. It’s actually a putty scraper and came in a pack of three sizes (that one being the middle size) and it only cost me about $1.50. What I use that for is to scrape the top of the tray once the lip balm liquid has set to make a very even and neat top to the lip balms. Cannot wait to use all of this. I’ll keep you all updated.

Stay inspired,


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