Herb & Cheese Pull-Apart bread with Sun Dried Tomatoes

The Mr actually remembered to pick up my Sun Dried Tomatoes last night while he was at work, which meant I was able to test a new recipe I found for Herb & Cheese Pull-Apart bread with Sun Dried Tomatoes. I’d never made pull-apart bread before, which is strange since I adore pull-apart bread. I love bread in general.

After doing a little google/pinterest surfing for a good recipe I found one here. It seemed simple enough and I was very excited to test it out. I’ve made a ton of dough before from pizza’s to loaves of bread and I feel very confident when making it. This dough was no different, I did have to add a bit more flour than I assumed it would take, but given the fact of how much liquid it has I shouldn’t have been surprised. It says to let it rise an hour to an hour and a half, or doubled in size, which for me was only just under an hour. I usually place a towel over the bowl I have the dough rising in and then I place it in the oven, turned off of course. That way I know there’s no draft and it’s a warm enough place. The dough was huge and so incredibly soft when it had finished rising. It made it very, very easy to roll to the 12×12 square I needed. The recipe calls for you to cut the square into six strips than to stack all the strips on top of each other than to cut that stack into 6 equal squares. I was doing really well until I had to do that last part…it says to use a pizza cutter but the stack was so thick it kind of took a bit more effort than I thought.

The other reason I wanted to make this bread was because I hadn’t had a chance to use my USA loaf pan in quite a while. I missed it and wanted to give it a little use. I adore the USA Pan line of cookware. I never ever have to grease or flour them, whatever goes into them comes out smoothly once cooked. I’ve never had anything stick to them! Plus it’s the only brand I’ve found that has commercial style brownie pans, with the perfectly square straight edges rather than normal rounded corners. I know it’s not a big deal but for me it is. The next time I make this recipe I’ll definitely be adding more herbs to it. It turned out well, but it’s more dough than any other flavour. Good thing I love bread!

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2 thoughts on “Herb & Cheese Pull-Apart bread with Sun Dried Tomatoes

    1. It’s really good, I usually just pull a piece off when I walk past it. Basically grazing on it all day long.

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