The artful shrinking of the Great Untidiness

Every so often I have days where I’m so bored that I feel as if the day itself has gained an extra 10hrs just to spite me. Today is one of those days. Since the Mr does second shift and doesn’t finish work until around 11pm he usually doesn’t end up going to bed until close to 3am … meaning he sleeps in until about two hours before his shift starts the next day. Because of this my body clock as become in sync with his. I mean I don’t last until 3am, I’m usually nodding off around 1pm, but I usually sleep in just as much as he does. I hate this aspect as it feels like I don’t get that much of a day. Alas sometimes I wonder why this is so important to me since I don’t do much with my days to begin with ^.^ but it does matter to me. I think it has more to do with the fact that I have the house to myself (or me and the mother-in-law) longer when I wake up earlier.Than I have a day like today where I wake up relatively early. Unfortunately today I really didn’t have much to entertain myself with. I didn’t feel like reading any of the fifteen thousand books I own, or watch any of the movies that I was gifted through Christmas and my birthday. I had already spent a few hours the other day making the mother-in-law a Mother’s Day card, which turned out great! Now today, once I had checked my blog and facebook, I had nothing else to do. I helped tidy the kitchen, which was a bonus, and the MIL had already down the watering of the plants and started the laundry for the day. So what was I to do? One look inside of the bedroom the Mr and I share and I knew. It was time to really give the space a clean.

Being that it’s only a 10×14 foot bedroom I don’t have much space to begin with but crammed into this space is furniture that is way too big plus the accumulated personal items that both the Mr and I have gained in the last few months. Right next door to the house is another home, one that is slowly eating itself, but one side is all clear so that is where we store a lot of the stuff we don’t have room for in the main house. One side of our room was taken up with tote’s that really didn’t need to be in there. So off they went to the storage house. Next i went a little crazy on the pile of crap that was slowly building on our work desk. Next came the clean clothes that we’d let invade our space and roam around all willy-nilly. It didn’t take long before I could actually see the carpet … which was crying out in desperation for a good vacuuming.

Slowly but surely my little shared storage closet turned itself back into a bedroom, with gorgeously cleaned carpet and neatly folded and put away laundry. And I can actually see what colour the desk is. Hooray for me and my 50’s housewife skills. It should have been done a long time ago and I’m very disappointed in myself for allowing the Mr to live in such horrendous untidiness. We’ll see how long it actually last’s though. Hopefully with the new cleanliness the Mr will agree to me painting the walls and putting down laminate hardwood floors in the near future. He already knows that’s what’s happening, and he’s agreed even though he has no real choice, but he’s hesitant for me to start it any time soon. I will change his mind, I will.

If the Mr remembered to grab the Sundried Tomatoes I should have a new recipe post tomorrow or the day after. Stay tuned for Herb & Cheese Pull Apart Loaf with Sundried Tomatoes.

Stay inspired,


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