White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Even though my sinus’ are acting up quite badly today (I feel like the snot monster from hell) I went ahead and made the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies I promised to make the Mr over a month ago. He didn’t get to taste them before he went to work, but I will put them in a little baggie for him for when he gets home. I’ll even hide them from the rest of the household so that he can eat every single one of the. I’m not a fan of macadamia nuts, so I won’t be eating any of them. It was pretty simple recipe that I found and only took about five minutes to whip up. It took longer to actually get onto the baking tray and into the oven than it did to mix. Since I was making them for the Mr I tried to get them as round and perfect as possible. I have a whole bunch of cookie scoops ranging in sizes that were given to me as a Christmas gift. Making sure the scoop was filled evenly and the cookies were spaced apart right took longer than I thought it would.

But once the cookies were in the oven it didn’t take long, about 13 minutes to bake them and pop them onto a cooling rack. I didn’t have as many macadamia nuts as the recipe called for but hopefully it’s enough that the Mr will like them. Some of them turned out a little wonky as the silicone mats I was using tend to flare up slightly in the heat unless you push them down half way through the cooking. I forgot to do that this time so some a perfectly round and some are a little werbled. I found the recipe I used just by searching google and picking from the images. I picked the best looking cookies and went from there. You can find the recipe here.

Stay inspired,


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