Starbucks Walnut Banana Bread

If today was any indication, this years summer is going to be a hot one. I’m not happy about this at all. I didn’t like Summers back in Australia when I was living on the east coast where we got the cooling ocean breeze, it’s going to be even worse here, miles and miles from any water. I did convince my father-in-law to help me put our air con back in with me, so I have it running cooling down me and the Mr bedroom. Once the sun set today the temperature dropped dramatically to a comfortable level and because of this I decided I might do some baking. There were three very ripe banana’s sitting in the fruit bowl so I went hunting online for a good Banana Bread recipe.

It wasn’t long before I found one that really appealed to my senses. Even though I don’t particularly like nuts (on their own or mixed into food) I know the Mr likes them so I decided I’d not only make a Banana loaf but I’d make a Banana Nut Loaf. I started my search for recipes on pinterest where I usually find all the good ones, but I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted so I headed on over to google and the one that caught my eye was a copykat recipe for Starbucks Walnut Banana Bread. I’ve never actually had a banana bread from Starbucks but I do love there muffins. We had all the ingredients so I went ahead and whipped it up quickly.

The pictures don’t do this loaf justice. Since it was dark out when I made the bread I didn’t have the benefit of natural light so I had to use the dreaded flash which made the loaf look twice as dark as it really is. Half the walnuts in the recipe were sprinkled over the top of the loaf and i thoroughly enjoyed the crunch it gave the bread. I also used proper bread flour instead of just plain flour. I think it gave it a much nicer flavour and texture. I also added cinnamon to the dry ingredients. I was going to add vanilla essence to the wet, but I totally forgot about it. It didn’t hurt not having it in there though. Half way through the cooking the smell of banana bread completely filled the house and it was hard waiting to pop open the oven to test if it was ready. I actually baked it for ten minutes less than it said to and I could have baked it for maybe five minutes less than that.

All in all the bread turned out so good and I will definitely be making again. I might even up the recipe and make two loaves as I know for certain the one loaf I made won’t last till tomorrow once the Mr gets home from work. Click here for the recipe I used.

Stay inspired,


2 thoughts on “Starbucks Walnut Banana Bread

    1. It’s delicious. Especially the next day after having been stored in the fridge overnight, it’s much nicer cold. That might just be my taste though as I tend to like my food cold ^.^

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