Christmas and other Joyful things

Well Christmas is over for another year and what a Christmas it was this year! It was the first one I spent in the US with my husbands family and boy did they spoil me!  I thought it was just because it was my first Christmas with them, but according to B it’s this way every year…color me shocked!

Although I see Christmas as something more than just a time to give gifts, its about spending time with loved ones, I was super excited about everything I got. Nearly everything I received was something I needed since I had to leave a lot of stuff back in Australia and most of it was equipment for my crafts.

One of my favorite things that B got me was my Singer Heritage sewing machine.  It’s so beautiful and shiny. I really want to use it but I don’t have anything to test with. Once I get some material (and the Storytime Toys book by Jill Hamor arrives) I will be able to practice my sewing.

I also got a new Dell laptop, a Nook Glow Light, clothes, chocolate, Australian candy (thanks Dad!) books and a whole mess of DVDs. Some of the stuff I haven’t gotten yet as its in the mail. B actually tricked me and told me the sewing machine was sold out which meant I could purchase the Cricut Cuttlebug on Fingers crossed that arrives today! Than I can start on my handmade cards.


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