Farmers Markets, talley ho!

Now that the wedding is over, and we just mailed off the Adjustment of Status forms, we can start enjoying spending money again. It won’t be for a couple of weeks though since the Black Friday sales are coming up soon. What I’m planning on doing is trying to get B to allow me to spend some money to buy supplies for my Lip Butters.

I would like to get some supplies for my candles as well but so far my Lip Butters are going to be my prime concern. I’ve found a great, cheap, supplier online called Bulk Apothecary that I’ve put a few things into a cart with. Because I want to start selling stuff soon I’ve given myself a set amount of time to test things. It’s only 6 months but I’ve found a Farmers Market that starts in June next year that’s only twenty minutes from the house. All the fee’s are minimal and it will put my name out there. There are a few other Farmers Market B wants me to check out but I’m happy with just selling at one to begin with.

Once I have my Lip Butter lines up and running I’ll start doing my candles as well. Than my beading. Than my quilts. I might even look into making preserves and jams, all depends on how things go. I’m looking forward to getting things started.


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