Homemade is always better

In this day and age of new mod-cons and throw away consumer products it’s always enjoyable to find something that I am able to create with my own hands, using items that are already in my home. I think it’s the reason why I like to make candles and why I’m so in love with DIY and renovation shows. HGTV is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I’ve been sick all day today and because of that I’ve been snuggled up in bed watching Kitchen Cousins, Cousins Undercover and Rehab Addict, all on the HGTV channel.

Another item I’ve decided to add to my online store is homemade lip butter. I’ve created one batch of my own natural lip butter using beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil back in Australia and it worked lovely. My lips were always so smooth and kissable. Ever since I moved to Kansas my sinus’s have been acting up and my nose is constantly blocked which in turn makes my lips chapped since I became a mouth breather at night. Making homemade lip butter to sell online and at farmers markets is really getting me excited. I’ve always found handmade or homemade to be a much better quality. I’ve been using Burt’s Bee’s lip balm and it’s just not doing anything for my lips. I really miss the Chapstik I made.


Hopefully in about two weeks we’ll have money again and I can purchase some stuff I need for me to experiment with recipes.


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