And it’s all over…woohoo

Well the wedding is finally done and dusted. It’s been nearly a week since B and I got married and I’m over the moon. Not just about finally becoming his wife, but about the fact that there is nothing we have to organise now. Everything is done. The next thing that B will have to organise for is Emerald City the steampunk convention. For me I don’t really have anything to do other than the crafts I have been planning on doing.

Once I have the supplies I need for my bookbinding and my candle making I’ll be doing all that again. Those kind of supplies are kind of pricey so it won’t be for quite awhile till I’ll be doing that. What I do have the money for and the supplies is quilting. I made my very first quilted table runner the other day. Other than the binding being a total disaster it turned out rather well. B says I was the one who messed up the binding as I got premade bias tape and sewed it on wrong, which caused me to cut it off and make my own binding from a piece of matching colour material. Well my made binding worked fine, if I’d tacked it onto the project before I started sewing it with the machine it would have turned out. I thought I could sew it on freehand, but alas I couldn’t. The next time I do it I’ll know what I’m doing and be able to do it perfectly.


Since they only take a few hours to set up I’m thinking about maybe making them an option to purchase from the online store B and I preparing to put together. I’m still deciding whether they’ll have a customizable option of if they’ll be premade and just sold on the website. I don’t think I’ll want to make them made to order as I won’t have to many material options to being with and I’d rather not have to hunt around for the perfect material for what a customer wants. Plus this way I can make them the size I want to make them, not a custom size for everyone who buys one. I think I might have a few size options, like small, medium or large. Just something very hassle free and easy to whip up in an afternoon.


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