Just over a week to GO!

I can’t believe that I’ve got nearly one week until I’ll be a married woman. There’s still so much left to do before the big day, but it’s all getting very, very real. The flowers are nearly done, the cake is being tested for taste at the moment and hopefully my dress will be finished by this weekend. The last thing we need to get done is buying all the food for the reception. I think I might look around for tea sandwich recipes today so we have a variety. Other than stuff for the wedding I’ve been doing more research on Quilting. It’s been a long time, over 12months since I made my very first baby blanket quilt. It was an alright attempt, especially for my first go. But after reading and watching more tutorials I realized there were a few steps I did wrong, or didn’t do at all. Now I’m in the mood to start doing them again. After visiting “Diary of a Quilter” by Amy Smart (a quilt blog) I’ve found a few smaller projects that will test out how well I do with quilting. They use all the same steps as a normal quilt, but in a much smaller scale. I’ve already got idea’s for projects in the future. After the wedding’s done we’ll have more money to spend on getting supplies.

There’s also a video I watched on youtube from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. that gave me heaps of good tips AND their company has a great range of quilting supplies that I plan on buying. They have $5 flat rate shipping with free shipping on orders over $100, which to me is awesome. They have a brick and morter store about 45mins outside of Kansas City so if I really want to I can drop in while we visit KC whenever we’re there.

Best thing about getting close to the wedding, my parents will be here after this weekend. My Mum will be arriving Monday afternoon and my Dad flies in Thursday night. So very excited.

Links to Amy Smart and Missouri Star Quilt Co. websites are in the links at the bottom of my blog.


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