Another day down

Everything is moving at a very quick pace these days. We went and applied for the marriage license yesterday, and bought my wedding band. We’ve found B’s band as well, but it’s at another store and we haven’t had a chance to go in and buy it. Next on the list is to get the material needed for my skirt to finish off my dress. B’s Mum has made it clear that the dress will be finished by next week, which I’m kind of glad of.

DSC00291The last time we went to one of the big shopping centers (JC Pennies and Sears) we were looking for a store called Ulta Beauty that sold the lipstick pencils I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the store no matter how hard we looked and I was worried I was going to have to purchase the lipsticks online, something I don’t like doing unless I’ve used them before and know exactly what their colour shades are. I did a bit of searching again tonight online and B realized that the store we were looking for was on the other end of the mall, the car park separated the two area’s and we didn’t have to do any shopping in the opposite end so didn’t go there. Hopefully when we go get his clothes for the wedding, or when I get my material for my dress, we’ll be able to check out the store and get my lipstick.

The other day B’s Dad and sister had a work function at the Tanganyika Zoo, and we all took a family trip out there. It was a good day, the heat wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get burnt and I got to see a lot of cute little animals. And we got to test out the camera and some of it’s cool functions. My favourite function is the panoramic function. So cool! B’s Mum is thinking of taking my parents out there when they fly over but I’m not sure. Our Zoo on the Coast in Australia is five times bigger.

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