A new skill achieved

For the last few months I’ve been watching video after video on youtube and reading up on every piece of information I could find on Bookbinding and after today I’ve finally put all my knowledge to the test. Once I arrived in the US I purchased a few supplies off Hollanders, an online store bookbinding and other crafts,  and the rest I bought from Michaels, a local craft store. It’s taken me over two weeks to actually get the book completely finished but that was more to do with the fact that I’ve been spending more time on the wedding than the book itself.

I wasn’t feeling all that well today, I couldn’t seem to stop feeling like my stomach was minutes away from rebelling, so I spent most of the day in bed watching season 4 of Bones. Since I like to do more than one thing at a time, even when I’m sick, I went about casing in my finished book block and I’m happy to say that for a first attempt it really didn’t turn out that bad. I used the half-case method of binding the spine and the corners of the book with green imitation leather and the rest of the case was covered in a blue-black book cloth. I learned this technique from watching Sage Reynolds youtube video’s on bookbinding. He’s very informative and easy to follow along.

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I also watched the video’s from Bookbinders Chronicle channel as well and I will advise anyone else whose looking into this hobby to check out that channel as well. It’s very good and simple to follow along with. I’m extremely happy with how this book turned out. Usually when I try a new hobby I’m very unhappy with my first attempt, which causes me not to continue with the hobby. This one is different, I love how it turned out. Even though it’s very rough and could have been better, I’m still very happy with it. Now I can start saving money to buy the equipment I really want for this hobby. Hopefully once I get everything I believe I need I’ll be able to make items that I could sell along with  my candles. I’ll be adding links to both Sage Reynolds and Bookbinders Chronicle’s website in my links at the footer of the blog.


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