Adjusting to something different but similar

Living in the USA is easy yet hard all at the same time. It’s a Western Culture, just like Australia, but there are a lot of difference that make it a mind warp that’s sometimes hard to get used to. Not least of all is my body adjusting to the food and the air around me. The first week that I was here I was completely congested and found it difficult to breathe. Now that I’m feeling better and can breathe my digestive system is chucking a hissy fit over the smallest amount of food. It’s really not fun especially with the wedding getting so close.

B’s family has been very welcoming and I feel very comfortable around them. I really don’t feel like an outsider, I feel like one of the family. This makes it easier to adjust, but there are still little differences that I’m getting used to. One of them is the heat. It’s getting into the 100’s, which means I can’t really leave the house too much, and having three dogs, three cats and two kittens as indoor pets tends to make the house very claustrophobic. I like animals just as much as the next person, but other than cats and fish, animals are outside creatures in Australia. I’m still getting used to the three dogs running around my feet constantly. I’m not a big dog person so that makes it even harder.

The wedding being so close is making everyone a little stressed too I think. There’s so much that still needs to be done. B’s family being so big is actually really coming in handy though. There are a lot of members of his family who are willing to do a lot of things for us so that we don’t have to do them. He’s got cousins, or Aunts, or both who are going to do our wedding cake. I’m going to print off a list of what I actually want, but I wont have to worry about it. Another of his cousins is doing the photography, and another of his Aunts is helping me finish off my dress. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a trip into town to purchase my shoes, our rings and more supplies to finish off the decorations. It’ll be a big day and I’m really hoping my body plays along so I’m not uncomfortable all day long. Heat and a rebelling stomach will be no fun whatsoever!


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