Bouquet step One

I woke up rather late today, or I should say I didn’t get out of bed until later than I normally do. B stayed in bed three hours longer than me, so he was no help whatsoever this morning. Especially since he had to get ready for work two hours after he woke up. Since I was alone for pretty much the whole morning I went about preparing the paper Kusudama flower’s for my bouquet. I ripped out all the pages from the book I was using and cut them down to the 4in squares I needed, than I went and folded all the petals and glued them. This meant they’d be ready to hot glue to the skewers when I was able to get them. I didn’t realize B had already bought a whole bag of skewers until after he’d jumped out of the shower and dressed for work. That’s what happens when he’s lazy and just sleeps all day leaving me to my own devices. But I now have five flowers created and I’m very happy with the way they’ve turned out. I added pennies to the centre to hide the top of the skewers, Lincoln side up of course.

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Once B shows me how he makes the roses I’ll be able to get started on those as well. Plus once he finds the florist wire, which didn’t happen because he slept in (seeing a pattern?) I’ll be able to finish off the Sakura blossoms as well. I bought the bouquet holder on my shopping spree so it’s just waiting to be filled with flowers. I also need to order some feathers online to line the bottom of the bouquet. I’ve gotta decide between purple, brown and black. Maybe white? Not sure just yet, but I’ll need to do it soon.


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