Craft supplies galore

The last two days I’ve been on a shopping spree for the supplies I need for my bookbinding, plus wedding supplies. I’ve spent a lot of money, more than I intended, but I have a whole bunch of great stuff that is going to help me out with so many projects in the future. Plus a lot of it was actually on Sale, so I didn’t spend as much money as I would have normally.

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The biggest products I bought were both Martha Stewart items, one I’ve wanted for a while and the other is something B saw on clearance so we picked it up for cheap. The firs thing I bought was the Martha Stewart Score Board. The best purchase I’ve made in a very long time. It only cost me about $20 and I love it! It makes folding paper so much easier and I’m able to make folded boxes and my very own envelopes with it. The next piece is also something I don’t think I can live without, the Martha Stewart Craft Station. I’ve been using it to cut my signatures (book pages) down to the size I need and the lightbox makes things so easy. I’ll be practicing my embossing soon as it also comes with an embossing tool and one template. It also comes with about six[6] clear templates that goes beneath the light to make it easy to trace around or use as guidelines. That will definitely be a blast too use.

All the other items I got were small, but very cool tools. Hopefully I can get more stages of my photo album finished today. Depends on how far B and I get with the flower folding for my bouquet today.


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