Name Bomb!

This isn’t going to be the biggest post in the history of blogging, I just woke up this afternoon and decided I wanted to share a picture of an awesome purchase my future hubby made for me. I was only able to bring over one handbag from Australia in the move as I needed to keep my suitcase light. A lot of my stuff got culled into things I needed and wanted … the needed pile came and the wanted pile stayed with my Dad. Handbags were a wanted item.

DSC00074We went shopping yesterday and got things we needed that B hadn’t already bought before I arrived and some items I didn’t need but wanted. Kohls was having a sale on Vera Wang handbags (along with a lot of other things in the store) and because I’ve never, ever, owned a handbag with a known name on it B told me to pick one. It was half price so the end total of everything we got ended up being the original retail of just the bag. I love this bag, it’s beautiful. The picture doesn’t do it justice as it’s not red, it’s a burgundy purple color. So many damn pockets and sections, I’m in bag heaven.

We got a whole bunch of other stuff as well, but I’m most excited about the bag.


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