New Home, USA

Well my traveling has finally come to an end. I’m in the USA with my future hubby and his family and other than having to wait around for planes in three different countries it all went rather smoothly. Customs, which I was freaking out over, only took all of ten minutes and I was in! So yes, the system does work and doing it legally and above-board paid off. After spending pretty much all of yesterday in bed sleeping, my body is still on Australian time, I’ll be heading out today to check out the town and to go shopping for items I didn’t bring with me. Plus we’ll be getting much-needed food. Other than that I don’t think I’ll be doing much of anything but relaxing and getting over my jet lag. It’s a downer but that’s what happens when you spend over 20hrs sitting in cramped plane seats. My back, shoulders and ribs are killing me, not to mention the cramps I’m getting in my calves.

Once I’ve had a bit of time to adjust and unpack I think B and I will be getting right into the wedding stuff. Most of it already been decided but we do have to start getting stuff ready. It won’t be long now. So much to do so little time to do it in, especially in a place I’m totally not familiar with. Australia and the USA may both be western cultures, but in a lot of ways we’re two completely different countries.

Oh! I might also be binding my very first photo album in the next few weeks, if so I’ll post pictures of the progress promise.


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