Full steam ahead!

The last stage in my visa process has finally been completed. I traveled to Sydney on Monday to stay with my cousin, so I could get to my interview the following day easily. I was so nervous, I had no idea what to expect. I was very glad I had made sure that I had everything I needed. Although it took nearly two hours to get to my actual interview stage, the interview itself wasn’t all that hard, or long. Within fifteen minutes of my number being called it was all done and dusted. 

It’s official, I’ve been granted my K1 Visa for the USA. I have to wait for them to mail the visa packet before I can book my ticket but other than that things are going along smoothly. I’ve got one week to finish packing up my place as I’m moving out the day I fly to Cairns to see my Mum and future step-dad.

B’s going to be printing out the wedding Invites in the next few days and mailing them to his side of the family, which is very exciting. Once I’m in the US his Aunt Niki will be helping me with my dress, B and I will be finishing off the origami bouquet for myself and Z and organizing the rest of the wedding decorations. It’s all coming together. Quite quickly too!


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