So close!

It’s been a while since I’ve postes anything and I could make excuses like I’ve been busy, lots of family stuff got in the way or I’ve been sick. All would be true but the biggest reason is I’ve just been really lazy with my blog. I had some time to kill today waiting for an appointment so I decided I’d shoot off a post to let anyone who reads my blog know whata been happening.
B and I are now onto the last leg of our Visa journey. I just received an email yesterday that my interview date has been set for July 30th, which means if I’m approved I will be flying out August 14th pending available flights. This in turn means our wedding date is set for October 5th, one year and a day since we got engaged. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

My Mum has also gotten engaged to her partner Michael and they are now living in Cairns ans loving it! My brothers girlfriend has been approved on her australian visa so she can now live perminantly in Australia which is great.

Now that we have a difinitive date for the wedding Z has been able to know if she can make the wedding…which she can since it will be during school holidays. Thank the gods. My dres has a few things left to do but B’s aunt Niki is willing to help, another bonus! Life right now is splendid!


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