Good news!

I received some great news from B the other day. It seems as though the first half of my Visa has been processed and accepted. We thought it was going to take about 8 months as there were huge delays at the California office. An email came through two days ago saying our forms had been processed and instructions for the next stage would be mailed in the next few weeks.

The next part is for me to have a medical and police check and then I’ll have to have the interview at the American consulate. From what I’ve read I’ll find out within 24hrs of the interview if my Visa has been approved.

So instead of the 8 months we thought we had to get ready for the move and the wedding now we have maybe two or three months. Its a little scary but very exciting. Quite stressful as well. But B and I have been slowly getting things ready for the wedding. I’ve finally gotten the idea for my bouquet. I’ll be posting pictures once I’ve gotten the supplies and done some tests. I’m making it entirely out of origami flowers. The first flower I found is a Kusudama flower which I’ll be doing in cream paper covered in text and trimmed in plum. Along with the Kusudama flowers I’ll be having plum coloured roses and pale pink Sakura blossoms. I’m thinking of using brown feathers as the leaves and the steams will be wrapped in satin ribbon and highlighted with coiled copper wire. I’m quite happy with how its going to look. Below is a tester Kusudama flower I folded from basic printer paper.



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