One Year Older

I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday yesterday and although I’m another year older I had a really great time. My Mother took me out to lunch her partner and my brother’s girlfriend. My brother would have come but we had to take him to the Caloundra hospital for day surgery. He was having three screws removed from his knee from a break he sustained in high school. It was only day surgery which meant he was released about four hours later. I also got to spend most of the day chatting to B on my phone. It would have been lovely to actually have him here in person to celebrate with but it won’t be long before we’re able to celebrate everything together. 

The one bad thing about yesterday was I was waiting for a package that B sent me that had his birthday gift for me and the combs for my veil. I was hoping it would arrive on my birthday. But by the time we went to lunch nothing had come. When I finally got home around five o’clock the postal service had tried to deliver something. I had to wait till this morning to pick it up and lo and behold it was the parcel B had sent. I absolutely adore the sapphire tennis bracelet he got me. It’s gorgeous, but I think I’m only going to wear it for special occasions. The combs he sent were great as well. They were exactly what I needed to finish off the veil. Now I’m just waiting for the beads I ordered to make the bracelet and the veil embellishment to finish off the veil, as well as the lace I need to trim the blusher.

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What I’ve done now is cut the blusher to size and wrapped the comb that it’s all going to attach onto. From what I read online most people only wrap the comb once with scrap tulle, but I decided it wasn’t covered enough and wrapped it a second time. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to finish off the whole thing.

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