My Life in Fantasy

I really am unsure about what to write today. I know I haven’t posted for a while, but nothing really exciting has been happening in my life lately. The weather (like usual during summer) has been quite horrible. Raining constantly and causing a lot of damage around Queensland, including crazy storms, winds and other storm-y associated conditions. Which of course means I’ve been stuck inside a lot lately. I haven’t been working much either as customers haven’t picked up and the boss can’t afford to have people on doing nothing. I have been testing designs for new bracelets for the store though. I have a few in mind and as of yesterday I finally found the design for the bracelet I’ll be wearing to the wedding, and the matching pattern for my veil topper. I found a bracelet being advertised on etsy and in the description panel it mentioned it as made from a pattern bought from Ellad2. Me being the impulsive person I am rushed right over to the website and purchased the very bracelet design. Than went about searching for the beads I’d need (and bought them too!). I did a practice section using some beads I already had and it turned out very easy and very lovely. I’m going to wait until I make the bracelet before I post any pictures as I’ll be using the final product as a selling point for the new design for the store. It will never be created with the beads I’m doing for the wedding, but I’ll be making it in other colours and I might even make it the first bracelet-necklace-earring set for Gilmour-Smith Mercantile.

I’ve also spent more money than I care to admit as I went ahead and bought another corset, the same one I already have but in a smaller size as I wasn’t happy with the fit of the first one. I was planning on selling the original one on ebay if the next one fits better. But unfortunately B won’t let me. He’s even paying for the new one once he gets paid from work. I can’t tell you why he wants me to keep it, but he doesn’t want me to sell it. Hopefully the smaller size will fit a lot better. I’ll let you guys all know once it arrives. B has also sent the combs for the veil, so now I just need to buy more lace (more money!) and that item will be done. The next thing I’ll be doing is the skirt. I’m not actually looking forward to that one as it means I’m going to have to wrestle the sewing machine for that one.

Another thing I’ve decided on is the style of make-up I’ll be wearing for the wedding. Another purchase I need to make in the future which is going to be a lot of money. I’m looking into buying some foundation from For Ever Make Up that is HD foundation. I’m going to be buying the Matte foundation as the make-up style I’m going for is a 50’s glamour style. Matte foundation, winged eye-liner  full black lashes, pale pink blush and either coral pink or bright red lipstick. I’ll need to test the style first but I don’t see it being a problem. My face suits the old style of make-up.


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