Beeswax Lotion


I was watching the new sherlock holmes tv show featuring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, Elementary, and Miller’s character mentioned that Watson (Liu) uses beeswax hand lotion to keep her hands moist. It inspired me to surf google to find a recipe for beeswax hand lotion. I have a stack of beeswax left over from trials I was doing for my candles and wanted to use it up. I quickly found a wordpress blog that had a very simple recipe. I decided to test it out today since I had all three of the essential ingredients I needed. Well I was pleasently surprised with how wonderful it turned out and how truly easy it was! I would definitely suggest people try and make this, it turns out beautifully creamy and makea your hands so smooth and soft. There is a slight oiliness to it because of the olive oil used but it doesnt last long. The link to the blog is here check it out!


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