I’m drowning in a sea of White!

Spotlight finally got in more of the lace trim that I needed to finish off my veil! So excited. I only bought another four meters (even though I need at least eight meters) because well that’s all I could afford right now since I’m not working as much as I was (if at all). I got to finish off the bottom tier of the veil, plus three sides of the second layer. I’m very, very happy with the way it’s looking so far. B has already bought the wide comb I’ll be using to attach it to, he just has to post it to me.  I also have to re-cut the blusher tier as I’ve found the one I have is too short. I’m going to have to cut it the same length as the bottom tier. Hopefully it will still look okay when it’s flipped back over to sit with the two other tiers.

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Another great thing is that my corset arrived yesterday! I’ve been so excited to get this, and it arrived pretty much within 7 days of paying for it. I tried it on as soon as I got it and OMG it’s beautiful. Nice steel boning which makes it very rigid and quite heavy, but with the material that’s been used on the inside it’s so incredibly comfortable and even pulling the ties as tight as they will go, I can still breathe evenly. Unfortunately I find that the bust is a little loose. I’m not going to exchange it for a smaller size though, I’m just going to get some lace caped sleeves/straps attached to it as I don’t want to wear it without some sort of support in the shoulders. Hopefully that will hide the fact it’s a tiny bit too big in the boob region. I bought the corset from Corset-Au (the link is at the bottom of the blog) and I would suggest them to anyone looking for corsets.

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