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I’ve been known to browse Youtube whenever I need directions on how to do things, it’s kind of my MO. And a week ago was no different. I decided to make my sister and my niece a birthday present since they’re only a couple of months apart and since I had a lot of beading equipment from years ago I thought I should make them a piece of jewellery each. It actually steamed from me searching for a pearl necklace for the wedding and find a tutorial instead. After that it was all downhill, now all I want to do is bead weave. Since I can’t post the final product of my sister and nieces gift (because a) I haven’t finished and b) I don’t want them to accidentally stumble across my blog and see it before I give it to them) I’m going to post the final product of my Mum’s and Mother-In-Law’s bracelets that I finished making this morning. I was very happy with the final product and I need to give a HUGE shout out to Kelly Dale, owner of Off The Beaded Path which is located in Forest City, NC. Her youtube tutorial video’s have made these projects oh-so-easy. I probably couldn’t have made them this well first try without her. Below I’ll link to her website and her etsy store. Definitely worth a look!

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Anyway these are the bracelets I made. The first one I’m calling Oceanic and it’s the bracelet I specifically made for my Mum. It uses glass pearls, crystal bi-cones and white seed beads. I also used crystal coloured Fireline that I picked up pretty cheaply at Big W. If I were to make this one again I might go for a slightly bigger pearl, just to give it a fatter look, rather than being as uniform as it is. I actually found a similar bracelet to this on another website that was selling PDF beading tutorials. I was a little upset at having to pay for the tutorial (which I didn’t end up doing) the bracelet was beautiful and I knew my Mum would love it. After looking at the picture for over ten minutes I suddenly realized what stitch had been used and that I’d seen it done on Kelly Dale’s youtube channel. I was stoaked! All I had to do was get the supplies I needed (a few more pearls and crystals as I’d gone through all the ones I had) and off I went. It only took about an hour and a half to make this bracelet this morning. If I could have done it again I would have made it slightly smaller, my Mum has very dainty wrists. I had already taken one square off the end but I think I might need to take off two in the future for her.

The night before I made this bracelet, which I’m calling Forest Grove, for my partners Mum. He’d mentioned to her that I was practicing my bead weaving and she said I could make her as many as I wanted as she wears bracelets all the time. Very good to know since I can practice all my new skills by making her things to wear. It will definitely give me something to do when I’m in the States. This pattern is also something I learned from Kelly Dale. It’s so simple and took about the same amount of time as the Oceanic bracelet. They use similar techniques with slight variations. This was the first bead weaving technique I actually learned out to do and I’m very happy I did. It’s just so simple. I’ll be making a ton of these little beauties I can tell.

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Now all I have to do is purchase some silk cord and some pearl clasps and I’ll be able to start practicing my pearl knotting once my knotting tool arrives. Woot!

Off The Beaded Path and Etsy store.


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