Don’t call me a Girlie-Girl!

Well 2012 has officially finished and 2013 has begun. The past 12months has had a lot of ups and downs but the ups have certainly made up for any downs I’ve had. I will always remember it as the year I became engaged to my soul mate. Other than our wedding, I don’t think anything could surpass that. So thanks 2012, you rocked! Lots of other things happened from starting a new job with a whole bunch of awesome people, to spending more time with my entire family. If the last twelve months were anything to go by, the next twelve months are going to be ten times better. Not only am I turning twenty-six (scary!) but I’m also moving to a totally different country AND I’m getting married. If my husband-to-be has anything to do with it I might even be getting ready to add to our little family. Which is a scary prospect, but exciting none the less. Everything about this year is scary but exciting.

I was supposed to be going to the movies with T from work and her young cousin to go and see Wreck-It-Ralph, but unfortunately they had a big night last night and have decided to give it a miss. I’m very glad I didn’t end up buying all our tickets online as I would have been out quite a bit of cash. T would have paid me back for her tickets but still it’s nice to have not gone ahead and one it. If she did pull out I was planning on going anyway, but after waking up at 5.30 this morning I decided I would just have a very chilled day at home on my own. One of the bad things, other than not actually going to the movies, was that yesterday I spent a little bit of money (too much!) on nail polish so that I could colour my nails to match what I was doing. I changed the colour about three times yesterday and then took it all off this morning since I wasn’t going anywhere.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 400 Lava RedBut wait, there’s more! Since I wasn’t going anywhere I decided to paint my toenails (instead of my nails again) and I chose one of the dark colours I bought. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 400 Lava Red. Supposedly it last up to ten days. That might be testing the limits with me as I’m prone to chipping my nail polish really easily. I’m rough with my hands and I tend to forget I have nail polish drying so it fubs up pretty quickly. Hence why I left my fingernails bear this time and just did my toenails. The first thing I noticed with this nail polish is the brush. It’s friggin awesome! Most nail polish’s have these tiny little brushes that you have to lube up pretty well to make sure you are able to cover the entire nail before the brush runs dry. Which any girl who does her nails often knows is a bad thing, a lot of thin layers of polish works much better then one thick layer. The Rimmel brush is thick and blunt and so wonderful. I barely got any polish on my skin, which I tend to do a lot with any other nail polish. And it covered my nails so evenly and nicely. I was very happy with this polish that I just had to tell everyone. I swear I’m not usually this girlie, as B, he’ll tell you. Well actually he’ll tell you I’m the biggest girl, I just hate being called a girlie-girl.

nailprocessI bought a new bottle of nail polish remover as well since I had a glitter polish on before yesterday which pretty much destroys every cotton ball I use to take it off. Which takes heaps of polish remover. With all the colour changes I’ve been doing lately I’ve nearly already used up half the bottle. I think I might leave my nails the way they are for a while. Unless I add a new colour to my nails instead of letting them go nudie. I also added a picture below to show the procedure I got through whenever I do my nails. One layer of base coat, two layers of colour and two layers of top coat. No wonder it takes my nails nearly all day to completely dry ^.^


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