scalers, picks, drills oh my!

Pain has been a constant companion for the last few weeks, shooting through one of my lower teeth every time I drink or eat something cold. After putting it off for as long as I could I made an appointment at the dentist and went in this morning. It cost me over a hundred dollars for a consultation and x-ray but it looks like I have an answer. I made my tooth angry and it needed to heal a bit. But my back tooth, behind my angry tooth, has a hole and I need a filling. Another hundred and something dollars that will need to be taken away from my US saving account. Not cool. My dentist is quite nice and he’ll be doing a tooth toned filling so it won’t be noticeable thank god. If I can afford it I’m going to get a professional clean before I leave Aus, it’ll be twice as expensive in the States. One good thing, my dentist was very impressed with my teeth. He said they looked very good and he was surprised I’d lasted nearly 26 years without needing anything drastic done to them.


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