One Wick here, One Wick there

I finally received the square braid wicks I purchased from a Sydney based store the other day. I’ve been waiting over a month for these wicks as when I first put the order in I had to wait for a confirmation email with total cost before I could actually buy them. This email never arrived. About two weeks after I sent an order in I got a phone call from the company saying that my order had been placed beneath a much bigger order and they had only just realized it had not been put through. Apologies abounded and I was asked if I still wanted the order. Since it’s one of the few suppliers in Australia who actually have multiple sized wicks (rather than the small medium and large labeling system most have) I said yes and gave them my credit card details. Another week and a half went by and they finally arrived at my door, with one of the wicks I wanted being out of stock. Normally I’d have been pissed off and complained to B about it for days but I must be mellowing in my old age (yep, twenty-five and it’s all down hill from here) because I didn’t really care that it had taken so long. I didn’t even start testing the wicks until yesterday, a week after they arrived. Normally I’d be so excited I’d want to get the testing done as soon as possible.

Anyway I used the tester candles I’d made earlier and remelted them so I could make some more candle with the new wicks. Beeswax is rather expensive and I didn’t have the funds to buy another kilo of wax to do the tests. I knew the candles I had only burnt a quarter of weren’t going to be burnt any further as I’d already decided the wicks weren’t the right size for them so I just hollowed out the wicks and threw the unused wax back into the double boiler and melted it back down. All the candles I make with this batch of wax will be testers so I wasn’t too worried about charred wick ending up in the candle, I wouldn’t be selling anything I made from this batch anyway. I ended up making a small pillar and a small ball mold with heaps of wax left over, enough to make a votive and some tea lights with anyway. Which I didn’t do. It’s still sitting in the bottom of my melting pot, cooled and hardened. The next job I have to do is light them today and test the wicks. Hopefully the wick size I picked will give me the melt-pool and flame I want for the style of candle I’ve made. People told me beeswax was tricky to work with, and they were right. But I still love it.


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