Busy Busy

Last night was one of the biggest nights we’ve had at work in the last few months. Usually we’ve closed the kitchen and stopped service by 8pm but we had two functions last night, one that didn’t even start until 8.30pm. We were run off our feet nearly the entire time, plus our head chef was admitted to hospital so we had to call in backups. By the end of the night I was ready to drop. Of course, as usually, by the time I get home I’m still wired and need to come down. Which means I didn’t actually fall asleep until around midnight. The Fellowship of the Ring was playing in the background as I nodded off last night, causing me to have some very strange dreams.

Wrist TattooHopefully tonight will be a little slower at work then it was last night. But on a lighter note I’ve finished the second panel of my x-stitch and I’m now onto the third panel. I’ve put it away for now as I have to finish B’s Christmas present first and I need to give my fingers a little time to heal from all the stitching I’ve done over the last week or so. Plus I have to give my eyes a rest as well, most of my stitching is done at night beneath a lamp. Not good, not good at all for my poor little eyes. Another good thing is I have finally decided on the next tattoo I’m going to get. I had planned on doing something different for my left inside wrist, but my brother has inspired me to change it. I’m now getting my late Uncle’s name and DOB tattoo’d there. J has been planning to get the same sort of thing inked on his chest for the last few years and it made me realize, even though I never met my Uncle D, he died three years before I was born, I want to make a tribute to him. And it’s a tattoo I will never regret, that I know for sure. I haven’t settled, 100%, on what the tattoo will look like as I need to duck into Tattoo Junction to speak to the artist to make sure it’ll work for the position I want it. It may change completely but so far this is what I have. I’m liking it, the numerals are in a western font as my Uncle was cowboy and bull rider before he died so I thought it fit.


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