A Stitch in Time

For the last few months I’ve been working on a counted x-stitch project that I bought from Heaven and Earth Designs. So far it’s been going very, very well. A lot of work has gone into it and a lot of re-work has been done as well. I’ve only done a few x-stitch projects before and both of them have been small, bookmark size projects so they don’t take much concentration or time to finish them. This one, the Vampire Hunter chart designed on a Jennifer L Meyer illustration, is huge! And is going to take me months and months, maybe even a year or so to finish. I’ll definitely have to take it with me when I move to the States.

Vampire Hunter by Jennifer L Meyer

I’m having heaps of fun doing it, getting a nice little callous on my middle finger of my right hand since I don’t like using thimbles, they don’t sit well and ruin my grip on the needle. It’s costing me a little money as I have to purchase the thread as I need it, I don’t see the point of buying thread that I wont need to use for a few months. And I prefer just purchasing the chart’s, not the kits, from Heaven and Earth Designs. The website is awesome with a huge range of charts and kits and everything is very reasonably priced. They’re constantly having sales and I’ve had to keep myself from continuously buying more and more, knowing the one I”m working on will last me a long time. I’d suggest anyone who wants to x-stitch to head on over (the link will be in my blogroll) you won’t be disappointed. You might even become an addict like I am. I’ve also added Jennifer L Meyer’s website link to my blogroll so check out her artwork, it’s beautiful. The image I’ve attached to this post is the image I’m currently working on. I’ve done roughly one and a half panels. There are close to twelve panels in total.


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