The Dress

Anyone would think being able to have two weddings, to the same person, would be fun and exciting. When really it’s time-consuming and complicated. I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this one. Sure the wedding’s are going to be years, and countries, apart but it’s still quite distracting. One wedding, the American wedding, is going to be steampunk themed where as the other wedding, the Australian one, is going to have a Vintage Country theme to it. I am kind of getting the best of both worlds, I will admit, it’s just having to accommodate everyone. Since the first one is going to be in America my parents may not be able to attend, which sucks.

And B’s family won’t be able to attend the Australian wedding and meet all of the rest of the family, which again sucks. And of course the wedding in the States is going to be quite simple, even though it’s got a theme. We have to marry within 90 days of me entering the country so that doesn’t give us much time to save money for an extravagant wedding. We’re actually doing a lot of the wedding ourselves. Like the invites I’ve designed myself using Inkscape and will have printed at the local OfficeWorks store. I did a test print yesterday and with a few more tinkers, they should be ready to print whenever I want. I’m also making my own dress. I’ve changed my mind so many times on the dress and now that B and I have decided on a theme I wasn’t finding what I wanted within the budget I had set for myself. So what was a girl to do? I’ll be purchasing a corset from an Australian online store as I m not attempting to make that with so little time, but the skirt I’m doing all on my own.

So far we have the invites, the dress and the theme sorted out. Venue, guest list, decorations and guest list are still to come. B and I have also been compiling a song list over the last few months but we still have heaps more to think of. I’d say we have about 6-8months left to get all this together. Welcome to stress-ville, population ME!


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