The One Ring

It’s been almost two months sine B asked me to marry him, officially that is, and I’m still completely in love with the ring that he bought me. True I did tell him what style and stone I wanted, but he spent ten months all on his own looking for it. And he really did a wonderful job picking the perfect ring. Everyone who see’s it loves it and says it’s a gorgeous ring. It matches my vintage, off beat personality perfectly. He not only got the style and stone right but he didn’t spend a fortune on it, which I love. I don’t see the point of spending a ton of money on a ring that I could, god forbid, accidentally lose or ruin. Especially when we could use that money for the wedding or put towards a down payment on a house.

B also got the proposal just right as well. We had a lovely dinner at a local Italian restaurant along the beach. Delicious food, great company and we got to take a walk along the beach on a breezy, moonlight night. Being the old school guy that he is B actually asked my parents for my hand before I could even get the ring, and then he proposed on one knee. It was pretty magical if I do say so. I’ll never forget it that’s for sure. He scored big points for everything he did.


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