In the beginning …

Usually when you move you’re only moving from one town to the next, or from one state to the other, but in my case I’m moving from one country to another. Admittedly it’s only for a few years, but still it’s a huge thing. I’ll be leaving everything I know, everyone I know including my family, and moving to a completely new place with people I don’t know for an undefined amount of time. Although it’s for a very good reason.

My fiance is an American and for us to marry I’ll be moving to Kansas. Yep, off to the middle of no where I go. Not till mid next year, but still biggest move I’ll be doing until we move back and settle in Australia. Since I’ll be so far from my family and friends I decided that I would document everything that happens between now and when both my hubby return to Australia. Maybe even after. And since the first thing out of everyone’s mouth when I say “I’m moving to Kansas” is “do you have your ruby slippers?” I’ve fashioned this blog with the Wizard of Oz in mind. Kansas is going to be my home for a while after all, it’s only natural.

I’ll be posting updates on my visa process, pictures of things that catch my attention and every thought that pops into my head. It’s going to be a roller coaster of a ride and I felt everyone should join me in the ups and downs of My American Adventure.


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